I have done a lot of walking trips in North America and in Europe. All have been top notch. But Piero hit it out of the park with his At the Foot of the Dolomites tour. The scenery was spectacular, the walking was just right, and the food was fabulous. But it was Piero’s attention to every detail, his unfailing kindness to each participant, and the integration of varied cultural experiences that made this tour exceptional. Music, art, literature, and Piero’s local friends and family were woven into our days. I commend At the Foot of the Dolomites to you without reservation.

Ann Kirkland, Private Tour, October 23

The Foot of the Dolomites Tour was a magical experience. The hikes through this region soothed my soul as we walked among beech trees, the streets of small Italian villages, across the Cansiglio Plateau, through pastures with cows and horses wearing clanging bells and up to the top of foothills overlooking the Dolomites. The food did not disappoint with picnic lunches, exquisite dinners with local cuisine in cozy inns or restaurants above the valley overlooking the twinkling lights of the villages below and delicious pastries and cappuccinos each morning. Our nightly accommodations were homey and comfortable with greats hosts. I felt so cared for by Piero (and Thomas) as he made sure we all felt comfortable with the plan for the day and altering plans as needed for our group.  It was simple things like bringing out a thermos of tea as we stopped for a rest or homemade apple strudel he brought for dessert as we sat at the top of the mountain or a spontaneous stop for a Spritz on a sunny afternoon  “because we could.” Sharing meals, music, and homes of his friends and family added to the wonderful charm of this tour. I didn’t feel like just a tourist, I felt a connection, a sense of almost belonging and I wanted to stay longer. I loved it.

Joan Clark, MInnesota, Fall Aromas Tour, October 23

We have had the privilege to have Piero as our Guide on three occasions. Most recently we travelled with him on the Foot of The Dolomites Summer Classic Tour. The trip exceeded our expectations with regards to food, lodging, cultural immersion and perfect level of activity. Piero's family and friends perfectly accentuated the trip, demonstrating why Italy is such a magical country. This tour is a must for anyone who is seeking to learn a great deal more about Italian culture, cuisine and its people. In particular we fell in love with Cison de Valmarino and its craft festival, be sure to add more days to your trip to really experience the festival.We enjoyed the hikes knowing we would be getting Piero's amazing lunches (never the same thing twice). I could go on and on about Piero but suffice it to say he is the consummate guide and will ensure the comfort and safety of your trip is top level. He is not happy unless everyone is happy, kind of like travelling with a dear friend. Foot of the Dolomites Tour regardless of the time of year is Fantastic!!

Jane and Mike from Colorado, Summer Classic Tour, August 23

Piero’s attention to detail and thoughtfulness are beyond compare. He made me feel as if I were a cherished guest, welcomed by him and his family. He introduced us to the culture, food and art of the region. My Dolomites is so much more than a hiking tour. Piero offered us a unique experience, curated at every stage to ensure hikes were enticing, challenging and beautiful. Along the way, we were introduced to musicians, writers, chefs and artists of the region. Everything happened seamlessly with grace and ingenuity. If there were special needs or dietary requirements, Piero made sure behind the scenes all went well. The tour is exceptional and highly recommended!

Joan Robinson & Danielle, Toronto, Private Tour, October 23

What I found most remarkable about the Foot of the Dolomites tour was the time in the Cansiglio region.  The sun through the pines and old beech forest,  the beautiful limestone, and the caves made for a magical place to hike and the story of the region came alive as we learned about the rebels who fought against the Nazis and the people who made it their home.The people in our group were wonderful, accomplished, and kind, and meeting your family, local guides, museum directors, people who ran the agritourism inns, and especially the artists, writers, and musicians, made the trip have a meaning beyond the beauty of the landscapes and gave me lasting memories of my time in the Dolomites.Thank you for the great days of hiking and for putting together the cultural aspects of the trip.  I appreciate that you and Thomas took good care of us on the hikes.  And you can cook too!  You have it all going there Piero.

Jan Watson, Chicago, Private Tour, October 23

What a pleasure!Is it the companions, the food, the picnics, the trails, the accommodations, the special events, or the guides? I think all of these made for a great hiking vacation on the Dolomites. Thank you for your attention to details Piero! The Canadian Six

Sandy McIvor, Canada, Solstice Shine Tour, July 23

The country itself is awe inspiring. The arranged hikes were beautiful and interesting. Our guides, Emanuele (Piero) and Thomas were on top of every detail and were well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, caring, fun to be around and shared fantastic stories. They were also adaptable to the different strength levels of the team so it was fun for everyone. The food was authentic from breakfast, to open air lunches on the trail cooked by Piero (no sandwiches!) to dinners with spectacular views and entertainment.  And the espresso!…And wine!...And Prosecco! It was obvious that a lot of planning went into this trip. How often do you go to another country and have no travel stress?

Patricia Uris, Colorado, Private Tour, September 23

When I have been on this tour twice already, why would I be thinking of returning? The tour days blend sightseeing and educational excursions in urban settings, traditional and cultural connections in rural areas, as well as hikes among the natural wonders of the great outdoors providing a holistic understanding of Piero's home area.Piero attracts like-minded people with a passion for the outdoors and a sense of adventure, providing opportunities for laughter and friendship. He spends months preparing, including on-site research to plan walks, review hotels, and handcraft the schedule for each day to exhibit the best of the area and be suited to the abilities of the group. As a guide, he is patient, energetic, clever, understanding, engaging, and flexible, and has a great sense of humour. The success of a tour often depends on the members of the group getting along well and enjoying the shared experience, and Piero works wonders to make that happen. He does special and unexpected things toward creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime and all of this makes me want to return.

Annette St-Pierre, Private Tour, October 23

Without a doubt, The Foot of the Dolomites Tour was the trip of my lifetime, at least so far, and was so much more than a hiking trip. While the mountain hikes and scenery were spectacular, the cultural aspects of the tour were equally meaningful. We walked through small villages, visited regional museums, met local artists and musicians and ate amazing regional food. The level of cultural immersion gave me an insight into this small corner of Italy that I couldn’t have gotten otherwise. None of this could have happened without Piero’s local knowledge and excellent organizational skills. While every aspect of the tour was carefully planned and executed, he was also able to adeptly pivot to a new plan depending on weather and group preferences. I would take another trip with Piero in a heartbeat! I also have to give a shout-out to Thomas, the licensed tour guide who assisted with the trip. He was kind and funny and amazingly knowledgeable about the region, particularly its flora and fauna. My main recommendation for someone considering this trip is to review the distance and elevation gain of each of the hikes to be sure they are doable. There is a lot of walking involved, some of it moderately strenuous, and it is good to be forewarned.

Deborah Exton, Fall Aromas Tour, October 23

Grab your sweetheart, dear friends or yourself and take this trip to Italy!  Memories from this trip will stay with you forever, it is life changing. Piero is an amazing host who welcomes you to his homeland with so much enthusiasm and warmth that you will instantly feel at home. The landscape of Italy, the beauty and bounty of its food and wine we experienced everyday.
We hiked through beech tree forests, hillside pastures and fields where the cow bells chimed in rhythm to our steps. The soft forest paths soothed our tired feet and the cobble stone paths awoke our tired legs.
We climbed hillsides where vistas awaited us and the clouds floated below us. And all the while, in the distance, keeping watch over us were the spectacular Dolomites-asking us to stop and admire their strength and grandeur as their color changed with the daylight.
Piero’s thoughtfulness, attention to all the details and planning makes this whole trip relaxing, fun and meaningful. We met artists, musicians, chefs and local agriturismos who opened their restaurants and homes to us. Every night we ended the day gathered around the table eating delicious local Italian food, sharing glasses of wine and toasts, laughter and conversation. We all felt joyful to be together in beautiful Italy.  And so thankful to Piero and Thomas who shared their love of their homeland with us.
I still find myself thinking about Italy!  We all loved our time together and think fondly.

Sally Yelkin, Minnesota, Fall Aromas Tour, October 23

Piero is a wonderful guide who brings the flavor of his homeland to every day of the journey in food, in friends, in accommodations and in special experiences.

Patricia Fox, Private Tour, October 23

Hiking at the foot of the Dolomites was amazing!  The scenery, the hikes, the food, the wine and most of all Peiro's knowledge of the history of the land, his attention to detail and his ability to shift plans as needed based on the needs of the group, the weather and to take advantage of local opportunities made this trip unique and special.  The accommodations were cozy, warm and welcoming.  I felt like I experienced Italy in a way I would not have been able to without Piero's expert choice of location and experience.

Mary Heresman, Minnesota, Fall Aromas Tour, October 23

I was looking forward to the experiences/adventures of hiking in the region of the Pre- Alps at the foot of the Dolomites because of how beautiful the area is. It was obvious throughout the tour how much this area means to Piero. The trip far exceeded any expectations. Piero is the consummate guide: knowledgeable, patient, spontaneous, flexible, and more. The pleasure he gains from planning surprises or continually having new ideas to add more interest or fun is indeed a gift to us. Each day was amazing. I not only wholeheartedly recommend Piero’s tour, I am planning to return in 2024.

Annette St-Pierre, Foot of the Dolomites, edition 2022