Buongiorno! I am Emanuele Pierobon, but most of my friends and clients know me as Piero. I was born in northern Italy where I grew up and did my studies in fine arts and later urban planning.

In 2003 I moved to Spain, where I still live. I have been working as a tour leader since 2013, leading groups on a wide range of local and abroad tours, and also developing my own routes.

Since 2017, I am mainly leading groups on the Camino de Santiago, the St. James pilgrimage to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela, in north-western Spain. After 15 years living in Madrid, Santiago has actually become my new home;here I develop my other professional activity as an illustrator.

My experience as a guide on the Camino has been the main inspiration of this tour on the Italian Alps. The more I led people across the beautiful landscapes of northern Spain, the more I wished to make them discover my homeland at the foot of the Dolomites.

Tour Guide

What you will find

My goal is to offer genuine experiences, through which participants have a real chance to taste the authenticity of a land. I consider that walking itself is a privileged manner to achieve that, for the way it keeps you -literally and metaphorically- attached to the ground.

The ground perspective adds a unique flavour to the experience of touching, smelling, tasting, contemplating and shaking hands too, being so important to create the circumstances for a natural interaction with local people, their habits and gestures, views and feelings, often to discover that our common ground as humans is bigger than what we might imagine from the inside of our reciprocal borders.

As a guide, I consider also this to be my mission and aspiration. Besides providing safety, comfort and rigorous support, beyond offering informative and entertaining moments, my aim is to contribute to the creation of a social atmosphere, the one that gets people give in to the joy of sharing and the pleasure of togetherness.

My Land

My personal touch

Least but not last, I consider myself a landscape-oriented person… Probably due to my past as a territorial planner, or maybe to my artistic nature, I conceive the landscape – any landscape – as a shining open book begging for a second of our attention.

This is a book full of ancestral stories that deserves to be listened, and that may contain some lesson for all of us. So, as a guide, I also like to figure out myself as someone enthusiast to direct your sight towards new exiting readings.

Hope to have you soon on board.

Know about my precious collaborators!

Hello! I’m Thomas Pellizzola, born in 1983 in Rimini. After graduating at School for Tourism in my hometown, I studied Geographical Sciences at the University of Bologna.

After few years of travelling around the globe, I decided to settle in Rocca Corneta, in the heart of the Apennines, focusing on hiking tours, sustainable tourism, and becoming a member of the National Environmental Guide Association “AIGAE”. I’m currently working with Madreselva, a local cooperative, where we introduce young people to hiking experiences: we use our trails as a playground to spread knowledge of nature.

I am a member of Articoltura. This is a cultural association that I created with a group of colleagues with the porpoise of promoting a new, slower, way to discover our territory: through art craft, live music, organic food tasting, workshops, and of course hiking.

When I’m on trails: I like to study the natural features of a territory, and find the links between those, and the historical and cultural aspects of that area. Being in a group, taking care of others while sharing the love for hiking and nature, is also a very important part of my hikes.